Improving the Life Cycle of Spray Foam


The Life Cycle model is designed to show how the Naturalthane™ process can be developed into a closed loop system, where products from industrial waste streams are incorporated back into Natural Polymers Resins. It also highlights how the end users foam waste in the form of scrap foam currently placed in land fills, can be reused by turning the scrap back into a usable resin.

The process of combining the foam scrap back into the polymer matrix to form new resins used to make Natural-Therm™ polyurethane spray foam insulation is a major step towards developing Life Cycles with no waste. These are just some of the innovations Natural Polymers is undertaking to be a leader in cleaner green polyurethane technology.

Natural Polymers has developed the way to turn all of your unwanted job site spray foam shavings back into a usable product. No more contractors or builders getting upset that their new job site dumpster is filled with waste foam scrap from the job.


Imagine a polyurethane foam plastic that is more environmentally friendly to manufacture than traditional petroleum-based plastics. Derived from 100% annually renewable resources such as plants and industrial waste streams, Naturalthane™ natural based Polyols, made by Natural Polymers, LLC shows a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Please visit the Natural Polymers web site – to learn more about our products.

Natural Polymers LLC’s primary tool for measuring the sustainability of our products and operations is through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Recognized as an international standard-setting process via ISO 14040, LCA involves the compilation of a comprehensive inventory (Life Cycle Inventory, or LCI) of relevant inputs and outputs of a production system.

For Natural Polymers this means an evaluation and assessment of the potential environmental impacts associated with the processes as well as with all material and energy inputs and outputs of our Naturalthane® Polyols.

Life cycle “Grade to Gate” of Natural Polymers Naturalthane™ Polymer Resins is established to model the total energy requirements, energy sources, and impact to the environment needed to produce these polyurethane products. Understanding the manufacturing processes both inputs and outputs. A life cycle inventory or (LCI) involves the compilation and quantification of inputs and outputs for a given product system throughout its life cycle.

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