Greener Spray Foam Products

Natural Spray Foam Materials

Spray Foam Distributors SPF products by Natural Polymers are on a common mission – to design exceptional polyurethane foam systems that utilize Nature’s polymers and to provide exceptional value added services and support to our customers.

Our Polymer Chemistry is different from other Bio and Agri based systems. We use a proprietary process designed to maximize the polymers that Nature has made. Natural Polymers Water Blown Hybrid Urethane Technology has one of the highest biological raw material bases in the industry, with the lowest amount of embodied energy in the finished product. We feel that it is our responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint through innovate technology and to push the envelope of design and chemistry.

Traditional Polymer Chemistry is based solely on propylene oxide (PO) and ethylene oxide (EO), which are petroleum-based building blocks. Other companies have tried to develop Bio and Agri based foams by replacing small percentages of the petroleum components with vegetable based polyols, which in many cases still rely heavily on petroleum-based raw materials. This results in finished products that are still less than 5% Bio Based.  These vegetable based polyols are also known to be very finiky and provide inconsistent yields in many cases.

The products made by Natural Polymers are different. We reduce the amount of petroleum, but still maintain the performance and physical properties of petroleum based system. Going Green is good for all of us. . . but when our Green Blend Spray Foams spray better and put more money in your pocket. . . that is great!!

Through innovative and exciting research and development, Natural Polymers has accomplished what has been an elusive goal in the polymer industry – A Greener Tomorrow. Less petroleum = more sustainable renewable resource supply. Less embodied energy = lower carbon footprint. We work harder than the average SPF manufacturer and it shows.

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