Spray Foam Distributors provides Natural Polymers SPF materials exclusively to our registered Spray Foam Contractors for 10% to 20% less than other SPF manufacturers.  Please contact our Southern States sales rep. – Marcus McGarry @ (512) 844-8437  cell for quantity pricing and availability.

Natural Polymers LLC is the exclusive  manufacturer of SPF products to grow your business.  We connect your business with a diverse line of Spray Foam and Pour Foam – 1/2 lb. Open Cell, 1.0 lb. Hybrid, 1.6 lb. & 2.0 lb. Closed Cell, 3.0 Roof Foam, 2# Marine Flotation Foam, 6# Fence Post Foam, and 2# to 30# spray or pour foam. 


Natural Polymers

  • A research and development chemist runs Natural Polymers, not business executives who have Wall Street investors or a board of directors to satisfy.  A manufacturer with greater flexibility and lower overhead will always provide a superior level of attention to SPF quality control and significantly more competitive pricing.
  • We work in a free &  forward thinking environment that promotes innovation.  At Natural Polymers, creativity is the key to our success and the success of all of our customers.
  • Most manufacturers complete the necessary laboratory expertise.  Natural Polymers also delivers exceptional field support that is  critical to the SPF Contractors, e.g. on-site inspections and SPF application consulting. 
  • Natural Polymers dedication to the quality and performance of their SPF products is comprehensive.  From laboratory expertise to in the field confirmation of application quality, Natural Polymers has raised the bar for full circle attention to quality and value added services.  
  • The overwhelming majority of SPF manufacturers have entered the SPF manufacturing and distribution marketplace to benefit their bottom line profitability.  Their approach to the SPF market is to purchase petroleum-based raw materials manufactured by international chemical companies, repacking them and selling them.
  •  Natural Polymers develops its’ own line of Natural Based Polymers  used exclusively to manufacture our Natural-Term™, Naturalthane™ and Oleol™ products.

Spray Foam Distributors

  • Spray Foam Distributors is different than any other manufacturer’s sales reps.  and / or their distributors because of the 3 major value added services we provide free of charge to every one of our registered SPF contractors. 
  • Spray Foam Distributors covers the Southern States for Natural Polymers and provides:  1.) all extensive field support & training per the Natural Polymers quality control guidelines;  2.) SPF retail sales & marketing consulting;  3.) and a unique sales presentation to custom builders on behalf of the SPF contractor.

More About Natural Polymers

Natural Polymers is a leading SPF development company dedicated to the research and development of spray polyurethane foam insulation and related polymer technologies.

Natural Polymers has developed the highest quality and most innovative water blown hybrid Urethane 1/2 lb. & 1.0 lb. spray foam insulation in the world.

They dedicate their resources to developing SPF that reduces environmental impact and to persistently pursue the development of petroleum free SPF products.  For example, Natural Polymers has developed and manufactures their own Natural Based Polymers (NBP) which replace Petroleum based Polyols.


Natural Polymers customers who know and have used our technology associate it with high quality and performance.   Their value added services consistently reinforce the assurance that these customers are buying from the best manufacturer. 

Spray Foam Distributors  SPF contractors consistently report to us that the 1/2 lb. is the best they have ever sprayed because of 10% to 15% better yields in addition to the minimal amount of smell and eye irritation compared to any other spray foam on the market.  The Natural Polymers 1 lb. is also exceeding the board feet of the few other medium density foams on the market. 

SPF Contractors that are interested in our competitive pricing opportunities can contact the Spray Foam Distributors – Southern States sales rep. – Marcus McGarry (512) 844-8437 cell;  marcus@sprayfoamdistributors.com, or via the contact us page.

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